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This part of my web site is devoted to Hewlett-Packard calculators, mostly old ones, HP41 and some time HP71 or HP75 (may be!).


I am very concerned by copyright problems. I will begin by publishing my own things or those of PPC-T and Micro-revue,
I beg I own myself they copyright. However, I can't stay at this level. When I know the author, I quote it. If you know who the real author is (if any), please send me a mail with his name and coordinates for me to contact him. Most of the addresses I have are out of date.
If YOU are the author, contact me as well. If ever you don't want to be quoted or don't want your work to be listed here, again contact me.
Be warned, every body that the material here included is NOT for commercial use. The copyrights stay with the original author who MUST give his consent for any commercial use.

Abstract of PPC-ROM user manual, seems it's useful. Beware : english and jpeg.

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PPC-T history

Who we are, who we where...

Fair links...

My site is registered by the HP Museum. We can expect to contact many HP41 fans, but I can't (and don't want to) manage any and all the communication. I add to my web page a "fair link" of e-mail and/or URL - your address and your URL/FTP. But I need an explicit authorization. If you want to be listed, send me a mail

Emmanuel corner

Emmanuel holds all the HP-41 french (but also some english one) activity on his shoulders

Inside the HP-41

The english version of my book. This is only a raw automatic very bad translation, but one day or an other, I will scan the english translation as I have the translator's authorization, now (2002).

HP41 world is moving fast. Garnier's emulator make you able to run HP41 programs on a PC (see inside). The things are going well for the HP41 and now the ppct mailing list runs at a small rate of a dozen mail a month, enough to be alive, not enough to bore, very nice.