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Emmanuel's Corner

One must know how Emmanuel works... He is getting alive from time to time - may be once a year and then send useful information or greetings.

I can't know when...

However I try to keep in touch and to give here all what Emmanuel do

On The April 30 2001, he sent me copies of the paname manual, in french and in english

English version of paname manual, html

Zipped PDF version of the Paname manual (very smart)

Autodup module pdf manual

Emmanuel moves from Besançon to Evreux. New adress :

Emmanuel Compes, 26-50 Résidence Lafayette 27000 Evreux.

He's able to burn Eproms for you if you want; Of course He has a phone number, but don't want to give it on the Internet, write for any information.

Emmanuel is not very active for PPC-T for now, but he is still alive (2002)