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Leave North, Blizzards, Coal Bills, and winter and come with me to Florida’s finest Grapefruit, Peach, Orange and Cotton Section

DR. JUDD Q. LLOYD, (Personal)

Lake County Land Owners’ Ass’n


Lake County


“On the Dixie Highway”

Fruitland Park nestling among lakes and orange groves in the land of continuous Summer in Florida’s ideal spot for the home lover. :-: :-: :-:

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Owning our Own Nursery Enables Us, if You Make Certain Cash Payment to give You Free Orange Trees which Would Cost you *1.50 Each Elsewhere The Lake-Jewelled Land of Dreams Come True

Mail this today before choicest locations are gone. Mailing this is your first step towards owning a beautiful orange or grapefruit grove.

We can make you better terms for first quality land than any one in Florida


Lake county land owners’ association,

fruitland park, florida

Gentlemen :

I hereby apply for--------------acres of orange and grapefruit land, for which I agree to pay Eighty Dollars per acre at, the rate of------------per month until paid for.

Please select for me the best unsold tract at this price lying as close as possible to a shipping point, and send me a description of the land, together with a marked map showing its exact location.

I enclose $----------as first payment on the above, with the understanding that you are personally to make the selection for me.

It is also understood that if I am not entirely satisfied with the land when I visit Fruitland Park within 120 days from this date and inspect same, you will upon date of said inspection immediately return, with 6 per cent interest, all payment I have made; or if I prefer, will exchange this tract for any other unsold tract of equal acreage and price, said choice, rejection or acceptance to be made on date of inspection.

Please send me Bond of Warranty Deed containing the insurance clause whereby in the event of my death my heirs will receive a free deed to the property without further payment. I understand that payments must be made each month until I inspect land and that I am to personally inspect the latter. It is agreed that I am to inspect land with a member of your company.




10 acres, $10 down and $10 a month

20 acres $20 down and $20 a month

40 acres, $40 down and $40 a month

Large Cash Payments give you free trees

“In the land of thousand Lakes” where grapefruit’s gold and peach’s pink paint a picture of prosperity

Let this sink in—We can sell you the land and trees to plant it for the same price trees alone would cost you elsewhere.

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Why You Should Locate Here

“Here choose your home ‘midst orange groves of gold and olive green

“Where Nature’s wrought a handiwork of most entrancing mien

In the Land Where Dreams Come True

    This is a developed community, with many elegant homes, good roads, schools, churches, growing towns and splendid railroad facilities.

    Our lands are high, rolling and perfectly drained, with clay sub-soil. No artificial drainage is necessary at any time of the year

    Our land can be cleared easily and inexpensively – only a few dollars per acre- there being no palmetto.

    Elevation and surrounding lakes afford priceless cold protection for the growing of citrus fruits, to which our soil is perfectly adapted. You can develop a grove here on less money than elsewhere.

    Our district has become the greatest watermelon center in the State, if not on the continent. Watermelons are a reliable, quick-money crop.

    You can have a telephone, connecting with five towns, in your home, and automobile free grocery and dry goods delivery to your door.

    This is a demonstrated district for Natal grass, the great stock feed, which rivals Alfalfa, capable of producing a good yield per acre, worth $30 a ton. This is a fine stockraising section.

    Our soils and climate are adapted to many crops, which can be raised between the row while a citrus grove is being developed.

    We have in this vicinity many of the oldest, finest and most profitable citrus groves in Florida. Shipments from this district in one year exceeds one-half million boxes.

    Our water supply is pure and abundant, and lumber and building material are cheap.

    Many beautiful, clear-water lakes afford the finest boating, hunting and fishing, as well as charming home sites.

    We have 200 miles of hard road : $500000 has been appropriated for additional boulevards in this country, which leads in good roads. Your farm can border on or be convenient to a fine roadway.

There will be many thousand young trees planted here for our investors this season, thereby adding to the fame which this district already have as a citrus section. Nowhere else in Florida can you find so many advantages. The record-breaking groves are here – therefore so should you be. Begin owning a grove TODAY. Good roads, fine water, healthy and delightful climate make living conditions here most excellent, and remember that here you can develop better groves for less money.

FRUITLAND PARK --- The Dainty Spot on The Dixie Highway