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  1.   1.  Initial statement
  2.   2.  installing Charlie's Contents
  3.   3.  Charlie's Contents config

This page is to help people install and use the Piwigo Charlie's content plugin.

1.  Initial statement

I'm french, writing in English may lead to some misunderstanding, I beg you pardon :-(. As far as I know, Charlie's contents works perfectly for any document or media file it's aimed to, whatever Piwigo version you use and whatever the plugin management says, as far as it's correctly installed. I'm not really a programmer and not at all familiar to the CVS/SVN/GIT stuff, so the only reliable way to get Charlie's is to download the last zip file.

I only myself use ftp/sftp/fish, that is direct file transfer to real galleries. I know, because peoples say so that Charlie's works also on files uploaded by other ways, but can't make any promise.

2.  installing Charlie's Contents

Get the latest version by clicking on the "download" button, or on red down arrow here:

should be a zip file !

To use Charlie's, you have to get access to the piwigo/plugin folder. Filezilla is a good way to transfer files, but I use Dolphin or gftp as well The simpler way to have a working system is to unzip the Charlie's zip file anywhere and transfert all the content to the plugin folder, to get this result:

3.  Charlie's Contents config

There is no more any config interactive page. As you need to be the Piwigo admin to install Charlies, you can as well config it by editing the config files.

Files relevant are "charlies_config.php" and the "tpl" file for your document format. As you see on the image, pdf document tpl is charlie_acrobat.tpl.

Final display of documents depends not of Charlies, but mostly on the document driver...