20140721 fixed quicktime player (at least mov and mp4), with fixed height and width (640x360+controls. wmv works but with half the size (I don't know why)

20140719 change comments in mp3player.tpl, change plugin name in main.inc, comment out "adviser" limitation for saving changes in config.php (no use seen)

20140718 svn version almost identical to standard. Tests:

  • flv read but it's not possible to use the slider to skip part of the video (old bug)
  • avi do not read
  • mov, mp4, wmv do not read, not even display
  • gpx works
  • zip works (do not display but ask for download wich is what is expected)
  • pdf works
  • mp3 works

This page should be included in SVN

Very important: if you have any problem with a file, try to send me an example I can test, thanks.

As jdd, I try to maintain charlie's Contents plugin. But I'm not a real programmer, so I may do important mistakes. If you find one, do not hesitate to write to me at jdd@dodin.org, thanks.

The fisrt unimportant change is to create this beta version, please use the othe VDigital version for normal use.